Guitar Lessons For Kids

The guide you would like your kids to read if they want to learn how to play the guitar
Guitar Lessons For Kids
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The sooner the better. This universally valid word of course also applies if we are talking about learning the guitar. Specialized studies related to learning a musical instrument from an early age show that a child will benefit from evolving faster in school, reading, or understanding mathematics, but will help him, over time, to develop confidence and to be more focused on the objectives to be achieved. In addition to developing cognitive skills and confidence, let's be fair, anyone who knows how to play an instrument such as the guitar will have, in the long run, a life with many moments of fun and good cheer, usually shared with friends and family.

One of the most important studies in this regard, conducted by the University of Vermont College of Medicine in the US on 232 children aged 6 to 18 years, showed a significant improvement in the memory and systematization capacity of the children tested.

We all know that any child from an early age declares his artistic ambitions by the fact that he likes to make noise with any toy. And, whether or not we, as parents, have had to deal with a musical instrument, we would like our child to develop an interest in the instrument with which we grew up or in which we would have liked to play ourselves.


Age to start guitar lessons

It's difficult to establish an exact age at which a child is able to learn to play the guitar, but generally taking into account factors such as concentration during a guitar lesson or patience until results appear, for most children, the best age to start learning to play the guitar is around 7 years old.

Of course, this is not a general rule, each child being unique, but, technically speaking, from this age a child can comfortably hold a small guitar and can press hard on the strings. Also, around this age, a child has enough patience to show interest in learning the guitar until the results start to show.


Recommended guitar lessons for kids

Given our experience with online guitar lessons (see our reviews, which are conducted in a dual way, based on the feedback of an intermediate guitarist and a beginner), we can recommend some of the most suitable guitar lessons websites that can be a good teacher for your kid.

All the courses meet some criteria that we considered necessary in the process of teaching the guitar for a kid:

- to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and understand for a child;

- not to contain materials (video presentations, texts or songs) forbidden to children under 7 years old;

- to be easily accessed from various devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone);

- to be accessible to a beginner, with an average learning pace. 


What about guitar lessons for kids on Youtube

First of all, we are not among those who loudly claim that guitar lessons on Youtube are poor in quality. Some of them are quite competitive with those taught in paid online guitar learning systems (we have a page dedicated to the best guitar lessons on Youtube, as well as one in which we present the problems that arise when someone wants to learn to play guitar on Youtube), but when it comes to children, there are some important issues that need to be addressed carefully by parents before sending their kids to the "Youtube University of Music".

1. Inadequate content filtering

The biggest problem with guitar lessons on Youtube, from the point of view of a responsible parent. Video lessons with the content of a certain quality often contain language that is inappropriate for a child. Although Youtube imposes a language standard, it can contain strong words that have a negative impact on a child and cannot be predicted, just as they can be perceived differently by children of different ages or social statuses. From this point of view, the only high-quality Youtube course that a child can take may be Justin Guitar, although even this course is not completely safe and suitable for a child throughout guitar lessons.

2. Poor content organization

Youtube is good in terms of the amount of information provided. However, when we want to look for lessons related to a specific topic (in our case online guitar lessons), which are linked to each other through a learning flow, it is very difficult to find something like that, everything that we can find is disparate lessons that present various aspects of the learning process. In other words, on Youtube, we will not find courses that will take us from an initiation phase to understanding and deepening the information, but small pieces of a puzzle.

3. Distracting advertising and recommendations

Well, we come to the third aspect, as important as the first two, namely the increasingly aggressive advertising presence on Youtube. Which obviously leads to a distraction from what the children have to learn. In this case, there is a solution (Youtube subscription - which takes us out of the phrase "free guitar lessons"), but we no longer have any tools for recommendations, they always appear (even if we are not logged in, there are various recommendations that Youtube believes that we may be interested). If an adult is clearly influenced to move from one topic to another based on the recommendations presented, imagine a child who has watched his favorite cartoons or children's shows on Youtube in the past and to whom all this appears in the recommendations section, in in the middle of a guitar lesson...